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Pain killer Addiction treatment

What is addiction?

In simple terms, continuous involvement to something that causes negative consequences is addiction.  Obsessive, abnormal dependency on anything with a feeling of normalcy means a person can be termed as an addict. 

What are the different things to which people get addicted to?

A person could suffer from addiction to drugs, pain killers or other substances or could be suffering from behavioral addiction.  Substance dependence could be mean dependence on alcohol, opioid, anxiolitic, coccaine, cannabis, amphetamine, hallucinogen, inhalant, polysubstance, phencyclidine, nicotine or any other unknown thing.  Recurring compulsion to keep on doing a certain activity is termed as behavioral addiction. 

Addiction to pain killer is substance dependence and pain killer addiction treatment is the available remedy for this.

Why and how people get addicted:

There are many biological, social and environmental risk factors that lead to addiction.  Scientists and Researchers point out genes, family history of addiction, depression and other such mental illnesses, social environment and childhood trauma as some of the main reasons which contribute to the risk of addiction. 

Many pain killers that are prescribed by doctors are not habit forming.  However, some like opioids are.  Initially, a person would start taking pain killers as part of pain management which could slowly become a habit leading to absolute dependency causing addiction. 

Pain killer addiction explained:

Addition to pain killers causes chemical milieu of the brain when ingested.  The dependencies on pain killers could be physical in nature leading to addiction.  In many cases, it is could be psychological dependency or in some cases psychoactive too.   Pain killer addiction is caused when a person constantly seeks drugs on a regular and routine basis as a matter of habit. 

As part of cure, pain killer addiction treatment is provided to such addicted persons.  Though pain management is possible without the intake of pain killers, our culture has been promoting medication oriented methods and this leads to further problems and side effects. 

The biggest problem with pain killer addiction is the legal availability of the pain killers like Fentanyl, Stadol, Oxycontin, Demerol, Hydrocodone, Percocet, Lorcet, Hydrocodone, Dilaudid and Zydone in abundance. 

How people are unaware of their addiction to pain killers:

In our daily lives, many people are ironically unaware of the fact that they are addicted to pain killers.  Over a period of just 8 or 9 hours, they consume so many pills to get rid of their headache or stress or just to get some sound sleep.  All these are but addiction. 

They visit the local pharmacy and purchase these medicines over the counter without proper prescription.  The pharmacist takes it up as a challenge to cure them and he goes on selling pain killers inevitably leading to addiction. 

The physical, psychological and social effects of pain killer addiction: 

Many narcotic pain killers numb the physical pain thus reducing or eliminating the pain altogether.  People who are addicted to pain killers feel less emotional pain or sometimes, no emotional pain leading to built up tolerance.  The pain killer just distances them from emotional traumas and induces relaxation. 

Pain killer does not stop with killing the pain.  It also leads to many other problems that could range from liver failure to severe respiratory problems.  There are also many recorded cases of death caused by pain killer addiction.  Pain killer addiction is a dangerous stimulant and a silent killer. 

How to get rid of addiction:

There are many clinics and rehabilitation centers that offer professional help and pain killer addiction treatment. 

What needs to be understood as part of pain killer addiction treatment is the fact that there are many other ways to manage stress, emotional traumas and physical pains which do not involve the use of pain killers. 

The difficulties and cravings will slowly reduce with time and you would be happy to follow a new life with the help of professional pain killer addiction treatment. Once the physical and physiological craving subsides, there will be a change in your body chemistry. 

How to sustain recovery:

Post pain killer addiction treatment, use alternative methods for treating chronic pains without using pain killers.  Safe and correct intake of medicines is a practice that one has to follow and also teach his children and avoid purchasing medicines over the counter after pain killer addiction treatment. 
Work out your own short term and long term recovery plan with the help of your counselor and therapist as part of your pain killer addiction treatment.  Stick to it without compromises.  Be willing to commit for your own good. 

Involve yourself in social activities and welfare programs to help yourself and also to help others who are in the recovery process.  Be accountable to yourself.  Allow your family to reach out to you and count your blessings.   Willingness and commitment play a major role in pain killer addiction treatment. 
You may initially find the pain killer addiction treatment very challenging.  But the challenges outweigh the benefits that you will surely reap post rehabilitation. 

Leading a happy, sober life post addiction:

Post pain killer addiction treatment, there will a huge transformation in you.  You would have all the time in your life to dream and aim high.  You could do all that you wanted to do as a normal person and mainly, live a life of joy without dependency on pain killers. 

Never ask for a quick fix henceforth.  There is always a good way and a bad way to everything.  The good way could take time, but it pays.  And though the quicker ways fix faster, it has its own harmful effects and disadvantages.  This is applicable for pain killers too. 

Be honest and seek immediate professional medical help whenever you have a craving for pain killers.  Be in the company of likeminded people.  Cultivate interest in new hobbies, sports and music.  This makes recovery faster during a pain killer addiction treatment. 

And remember, the strong new you will inspire and change not just your life but the lives of many around you!


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