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Heroin Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a serious situation which has plagued a lot of women, men and teens. This grave scenario needs to be controlled. A lot of medical help is out there. From spiritual treatments to dual diagnosis ones, it is indeed necessary for one to seek help to stop the addiction from killing you.

There are many professionals who understand the problem and help the individual overcome it. Heroin addiction is a disease which affects the individual’s entire being. A proper heroin addiction treatment should be sought out for immediately. There are a variety of effective treatment solutions, but they all eventually depend upon the person.

Drug addiction can ruin a family. It can break the trust between the individual and the people around him. Destructive and dangerous, addiction is a ride which eventually leads to the death of the user and an emotional death for the close friends and family. A heroin cycle can lead to long term effects which can affect the body from the mind to the veins.

The drug overpowers the user and becomes the primary goal of his life. A heroin addict can inject himself up to 4 times a day. This literally changes the way the brain of the user works. This is why a heroin addiction treatment can be tough. This is where the family, the friends and the treatment program have to step in a hundred percent and help the addict survive the withdrawal symptoms.

The sooner you put a stop to the addiction, the better. Even though kicking the addiction can be uncomfortable and overwhelming, one must come out of the cycle. Once you take the decision to break the habit, you will need the proper guidance to get you through it. There are many counselors who can help you determine which recovery solution will be the one for lifetime. You must choose the heroin addiction treatment which can heal you the best and suits your needs. You have to know what you are looking for and which solution best suits your personality.

The primary step of heroin addiction treatment is to enter a detoxification program. The thought of entering a treatment program can be very intimidating. The patient goes into a withdrawal state after he enters the drug-free state. This detoxification will be to relieve him from the withdrawal symptoms.
The symptoms include fatigue, flu-like signs, depression, anxiety, insomnia and a severe drug craving. The patient will look for every possible way to get back to using. He will also suffer from intense muscle and bone pain. The worst case scenario of withdrawal can be death for highly dependent users. This is why professional help is included in the treatment so they can take care of you and help you restrain yourself from doing anything irrational. Even the family is asked to be as helpful as they can in keeping you comfortable.

Detoxification is a prelude to the long heroin addiction treatment ahead of the patient. The self transformation begins with the detox process and your old behavioral patterns are broken down. Detox centers which offer “one day detox” programs should be avoided. Those programs can be extremely dangerous as they use general anesthesia, which may even be fatal.

There are a range of heroin addiction treatments. There exist medications as well as behavioral therapies. There are medications available which help the patient not to relapse and to minimize the withdrawal symptoms. Methadone, buprenorphine and suboxone are quite common medications which effectively treat heroin addiction. Methadone has been used for more than 30 years for heroin addiction treatment.

When taken orally, it reduces the desire for drugs and also reduces the withdrawal symptoms. Methadone maintenance programs can be individual or group counseling. The dosage has to be monitored when taken by patients who are receiving anti viral therapy for HIV infection. Buprenorphine is a more recently approved medication. It produces lower risk of overdose and physical dependence if the patient stops taking it. This medication can be prescribed privately in a doctor’s office.

Those patients who are not responsive to buprenorphine continue with methadone. Suboxone treatment is another way to minimize withdrawal symptoms. It is easier for patients to stop using this once the treatment is over. It is necessary for suboxone treatment to be done under supervised care though. Overdosing it with alcohol or sedatives may lead to severe complications or even death.

Behavioral treatments include residential programs and therapies like contingency management and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Residential treatments involve showing support and care in a structured environment that is free of temptations. Contingency management therapy is a voucher based therapy which awards patients points for negative drug tests. These points can then be redeemed for items that vouch for healthy living. Cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to aid modifying the patient’s expectations and outlook towards heroin abuse.

Treatments tend to be more effective and pain free if started early on, when the patient is not entirely dependent on drugs. The best case scenario of a successful heroin addiction treatment is 3-4 months. Both behavioral as well as pharmacological treatments are known to restore a degree of normalcy in the behavior and brain function of the patient. There is also a lower risk of unemployment, HIV and criminal behavior after undergoing that.

The most important thing before you chose your heroin addiction treatment center is that you research well and opt for the one whose program suits your needs the best. There are several treatment counselors online who can help you with making your decision. It is an important to know that the medication and the program you choose will decide the cost and duration of the treatment. Heroin addiction can tear families apart.

Subscribing to treatment programs as early as possible is the best way to uncover patterns and behaviors which lead to drugs and help the patient recover. The heroin addiction is attacked from all sides to make the patient’s dependency on the drug go away. All heroin abusers should be brought into this rigorous but rewarding journey to get a new, better life.


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