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Residential addiction treatment - Need and benefits

Most individuals wrongly assume that addiction to sedatives, drugs, anti-depressants, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, opiates cannot be treated, and that rehab programs are expensive and ineffective. A few millions in the world population suffer from drug addiction, but only 5% of the entire segment show up at a rehab centre. It is a gross mistake to assume that drug rehabs are ineffective – several individuals have been able to recover from their plight and gone back to the normal phase of their lives. Residential addiction treatment can help an individual to easily break the cycle of drug addiction and recover from the negative effects of drug abuse.

Here is how residential addiction treatment is more helpful and effective when compared to outpatient rehab and treatment centres:

More focused treatment plan – The environment that an individual lives in has a lot to do with his or her drug addiction. Residential addiction treatment allows the patients to leave their painful environment behind and make a fresh start at the rehab centre, which allows them to focus better on getting rid of the addiction. The rehab programs will not be interrupted by any occurrence or incident, and the patient would be on the steady road to recovery.

Round the clock supervision – The sudden lack of drugs like heroin, crystal meth or opiates can leave an addict confused and distracted, or worse, symptoms of withdrawal along with seizures and convulsions. The ‘turkey’ phase is never pleasant, and one needs to be under constant supervision of experts and therapists during the recovery phase. The lack of supervision may lead the patient into a relapse yet again, and this vicious cycle can be broken only if the patients are under scrutiny of the experts at the resident rehab centre.

Scheduled routine – Drug addiction understandably creates a gaping void and chaos in the addicts’ lives. The personal and professional life becomes a mess, with the relatives and dear ones deserting the addicts in several cases, and the employees being fired from work due to inconsistencies and fear of bad reputation for the company. A residential addiction treatment can improve this scenario by setting a fixed routine for the patients. The inmates are made to understand that though they are in a treatment program, and that their time in the rehab centre is precious.

The patients will have to adhere to a fixed and strict routine of physical exercises, nutrition and wellness classes, meditation, yoga and fitness exercises, and other group and individual growth exercises. Though the patients would learn to relax and have fun, everything would be scheduled and timed, and getting habituated to this routine would help the individuals to lead healthy and active lives once the rehab program is over.

Group synergy – Group activities have always been known for providing positive results and the same applies for recovery from drug addiction. Individuals tend to lose track of their progress in outpatient treatment centres, whereas the group activities in residential rehab centres prove to be motivating and inspiring for one and all. Faster recovery and higher motivational levels are the indicators of effective group synergy in residential rehab centres. The patients will be able to bond with each other and make friends, ensuring speedy recovery from their afflictions.

Non-judgemental care and empathy – The experts at residential addiction treatment centres are often more caring and supportive than their counterparts at outpatient addiction treatment centres. This is also because they spend more time with each individual and can understand their affliction better, and are more empathetic towards their situation. Unconditional love and support from therapists instils trust in the patients, thus helping them achieve faster breakthroughs and release from addiction.

Comprehensive rehab programs – The treatment programs at residential rehab centres are holistic in nature, and include different activities which are beneficial for the health and also help in bringing peace of mind for the patients. Activities like yoga, meditation, hobby classes etc. are included in the daily counselling program, so that the individuals can find their self esteem and confidence coming back to them, and the chaos and mental distress vanishing gradually.

Comfortable stay – Several drug addiction patients belong to a poor or modest background, and a residential rehab program can bring a dramatic improvement by providing a safer and more secure environment for their recovery from the addiction. Most residential drug rehab centres provide all the basic amenities, while the other luxury rehabilitation centres offer well designed spaces for those who are accustomed to better facilities.

Who needs Residential addiction treatment?
Residential addiction treatment is essential for the individuals belonging to the following categories:





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