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One to one drug addiction counselling is available both privately and through your local drug action team. Drug action teams are government appointed agencies that are responsible for providing drug addiction treatment in your local area. These agencies are commonly known as DAT’s. They are targeted by the government to achieve certain targets to help tackle drug problems locally. The DAT’s are overseen by the National Treatment Agency, this agency is commonly known as the NTA.  From a private perspective one to one drug addiction counsellors can often offer local appointments. These are generally offered at home or office premises and the client will normally engage for 1 hour per week. Traditionally a counselling hour is 45 minutes as the counsellor will need time to record notes on the session and deal with the financial aspects of the session. Prices for private, one to one drug addiction counselling, range between £20 and £60 per session. Discounts are often offered for block purchases. There is no law that states a minimum requirement to be a counsellor, anyone in fact could call themselves a drug addiction therapist, without actually holding any qualifications. However there are a number of professional bodies that exist to help you make the right choice when choosing one.



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The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists offer a feature to help people find a private one to one drug addictions counsellor, it’s called Find a Therapist. In order to register with this site counsellors and therapists have to be suitably qualified and experienced and under go strict vetting before they are accepted. In addition therapists need to remain in practice and provide regular updates to remain on the register.


When choosing whether or not one to one addiction counselling is the right path for yourself or a loved one I would urge you to consider the following?


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