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A home detox is quite often one of the hardest detox as it comes with limited support. They are generally prescribed by local doctors or DAT’s and take place at the drug addict’s place of residence. As blood pressure can often be effected by some of the detox medication a community nurse will often check on the client on a daily basis. When considering a home drug detox you will need to consider three main points:


  1. Does the drug addict have the necessary motivation and support?
  2. Will the drug addict will be surrounded by a ‘using environment’?
  3. What are the dangers if the drug addict relapses during the detox?


If we look at these questions in a little more detail. When an addict admits to needing help it is likely that they will have tried to stop using drugs on their own many times in the past. Each time they try and fail they will be compounding a belief that they can’t detox from drugs, with this will ensue a self negative belief. In instances such as these it can be useful to have a fully trained drug addiction counsellor to hand to explain that relapse is part of the process of any state of change and reiterate their personal achievements.

The second on the list to consider is whether they are surrounded by a drug using environment. This can include things like drug using friends that call in to visit, did they use drugs at home and do they have a list of drug dealers phone numbers etc. Each drug addict will have their own ‘triggers and cues’. These triggers and cues are external stimuli that prompt them into using drugs. If the addict is surrounded by these stimuli are they going to have the support they need to work through the psychological craving that will follow.

There are some obvious dangers when relapsing on drugs, but probably the most important thing to consider is the change in the bodies tolerance for the drug. If a heroin addict were to have two or three days away from their drug addiction and then inject the same amount of heroin as they had prior to starting the detox they would be in risk of a heroin overdose.

There are a select few private companies offering a home detox, prices are approximately £60 per day for the prescription with telephone support. However, home detoxes are normally funded by the government.



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