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Drug Addiction Detox Treatment UK


An inpatient drug addiction treatment programme normally focuses on the medical aspect of withdrawal by providing intense medical cover and 24 hour nursing. They are typically priced fully inclusive of meals, medication, accommodation and therapy. Stays vary depending on the drug detox. For prescription drugs, a benzodiazepine detox would tend to be the longest period at an average of four weeks.

A drug detox such as heroin would generally take approximately two weeks as would an alcohol detox. Therapy is often available on a as you ‘feel like it basis’. Nurses and addiction treatment staff are sensitive to the rest a recuperation that required overcoming drug addiction. Therapy will predominantly focus on a non 12 step treatment holistic model, covering topics such as relapse prevention, harm reduction and sign posting to other drug addiction treatment services and facilities.

Inpatient drug addiction detox treatment is generally costly for a short period with a typical 7 day detox starting at around £2500 and increasing to  £10,000+. Inpatient detox treatment is ideal for addicts only wishing to tackle the medical aspect of their addiction and for those opting out of traditional 12 step treatment. In addition, as with fully residential addiction treatment, residential drug detox treatment programmes are often a good choice for addicts with mobility problems. Traditionally an inpatient detox will be used for drug addicts with a history of fitting and other additional medical complications.




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