Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment - Day Programmes


Day programme addiction treatment is generally a drug programme which is funded by the National Treatment Agency. These programmes are often put out to tender and run by small businesses. The tender will ensure that an appropriate level of treatment is achieved and certain standards are in place. The tender will generally last for a couple of years and drug addiction treatment success rates are monitored. 

Day programmes are more cost effective than fully residential addiction treatment as they offer all of the group work that the fully residential centres offer but without the additional costs of housing. At the end of the day the drug addict will simply return home and rejoin the group again in the morning. It may be that the user will undergo a fully medically supervised drug detox before acceptance onto a day programme. In some cases the user will be undergoing a community drug detox whilst attending day treatment. This is often monitored by the day programme treatment centre. Whilst this is a more cost effective way to treat drug addicts it can also have high relapse rates owing to the following:


There are many other factors to consider when taking up a day care programme. In some occasions it is compulsory for addicts to attend by requirement of the court due to their offending behaviour. For some a day care programme is a close as they will come to residential addiction treatment owing to limited funds.


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