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Drug Addiction Treatment UK


There are many types of drug addiction treatment available in the market place today.

They break down into the following:

  1. One to one drug addiction counselling
  2. Day programme addiction treatment
  3. Quasi residential drug addiction treatment
  4. Fully residential drug addiction treatment
  5. Drug addiction detox - inpatient treatment
  6. Home drug addiction detox

This site has been designed as an independent resource and will help you look at some of the pro's and con's of each form of treatment. It is not currently an exhaustive resource, but in time we hope that it will be. You will find some links to additional drug addiction treatment resources on the right hand side of the pages and on the resources page, please feel free to follow these for additional information.


Beating Drug Addiction

There are various treatment options available to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Although historically a stay in a drug treatment centre is a last resort, we feel considering this option at an earlier stage offers an earlier chance of acheiving sobriety. Acting early means providing an intervention before the onset of active dependency becomes potentially irreversable. Raising the rock bottom that people once had to reach saves much heart ache, stress, medical costs and consequences, family breakdown, further loss of self esteem and self worth, consequences associated with criminiality - the list of consequences can be endless. If you have already experienced some of these consequences and don't know which way to turn - don't worry, we are here to help you find the solution to your problems. Alcohol and Drug Addiction can make the whole family ill, calling one of our support workers now will allow us to offer you free, impartial and independant advice.


Finding a Treatment Centre

We will find the best treatment centre to suit your needs, budget and location. Finding the right treatment centre can add to the stress, worry and take up valuable time. You will be aware that selecting the right treatment centre is imperitive to acheiving a positive outcome. Our experience shows that making the right decision, at the right time is essential to capitalising on an opportunity to change. By calling us you can expect:

  1. Professional, unbiased help and advice.
  2. Non pressuried approach to acheiving your goals.
  3. Free clinical assessment.
  4. Upto date information on treatment centres, their feature and benefits.
  5. Door to door collection by qualified staff.
  6. Aftercare support.
  7. A unconditional, non judgemental, emapthic approach.



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